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The Indian economy uses a variety of energy sources, both commercial and non-commercial. Fuel wood,

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Over the last few years, Information Technologies (IT) have had a growing impact on tourism promotion, marketing and sales. With the advent of new forms of IT, a novel type of tourism, e-tourism, has emerged that is radically transforming the tourism industry. The tourism area is one of tho..................

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The Government of India has approved the proposal to use multiapplication smart cards with Unique Identities (UIDs) for citizens to facilitate easy verification, availing of government or private services, help welfare programs reach intended..................

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Hey..Guys Please Help me out. Im Deepak studying in Final Year, computer science branch. I need a topic for my final year project.I believe you people have heard about the UID projects in India.Im thinking of taking up a part of such project(or some thing related to UID).So..................

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i am Venkatesh, from Bangalore
i am planning to start Diary farming
i am having 1 acres land,
i want projects to subject Bank for loan..................

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Production and maintainance of prawn in a pond computerised for end user...................

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Contract farming

In India agriculture is still based largely on small family holdings, seasonal production and traditional cultivation and management practices. most small farmers are independent producers, who sell their produce individually and have little bargaining power with input ..................

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