About Himalaya personal care-

Himalaya Herbal healthcare has used its wealth of knowledge and research, in natural herbal remedies, to formulate a range of personal care products that’s caters to consumers daily health needs. This range offers the goodness of natural solutions for daily use, with no side effects. The operating space for the division is Hair Care, Skin Care, Health care and Oral care.
The Division has seen huge growth in top line over past few years. Face washes has been a key contributor to this growth. However, it is also imperative that second/third business potential vertical to be also identified and backed to sustain this pace. Oral care is one of the few categories which are identified as a future for the company.
Oral Category in India
The Toothpaste market stands at Rs. 4,730 Cr selling 1, 64,262 tonnes in Dec MAT’2011 in the 2011 period and growing at 15.1% and 8.0% respectively.
The Toothpaste category continues to derive most of its consumption from urban (64%) and growing faster than rural. Rest of Urban and TC1 are driving the urban value growth at 17.0% and 17.6%. Metros account for more than one fourth of the category value sales and growing at 15.7% in value while Rural is growing at 12%. North is growing the fastest followed by East and West. The largest market, South (31% value contribution), is growing at 12%.


Brands in this category typically talk about generic benefit like Strong Teeth, Anti- cavity, 12 hour protection, complete care & oral hygiene. Simpler way to explain it is predominantly toothpaste for the household. The segment contributes 72% to overall volumes in tonnes.


Sensodyne has created this category by educating and highlighting the sensitivity problems through TVC. It was launched in Q1 2011. Colgate launched its media for sensitive variant to compete with Sensodyne. The segment seems to be adding to the overall category since it started in problem solution domain (especially pro /Rapid relief). However, both Sensodyne and Colgate continues to gain through their relatively cheaper variant out of 2 (sensitive original comes at relatively cheaper price vis-à-vis pro Relief). The category has grown significantly over last 1.5 yrs however there few signs of stagnation in past few months.


Whitening has not been a focus category for most of the companies in India. Globally, whitening is a big segment & hence we will not be surprised if other brands also do take it up this segment strongly especially after the success of sensitive. In fact, Colgate total has already come up with whitening commercial featuring Sushmitasen in Aug 2012.Presently the segment contributes to 2% to the category.