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Posted by: Padmashree Pagad
Created at: Thursday 17th of February 2011 11:07:58 AM
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Please send me the full roport on metasearch that includes algorithm,implementation,block diagram of over all concept,limitations,scope,examples....... to [email protected].................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]


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Created at: Friday 24th of December 2010 05:17:44 AM
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includes two modules:
document selection module (document selector)
result merge module (result merger)

Learning-based approaches: It learns the knowledge regarding which databases are likely to return useful pages to what types of queries from past retrieval experiences.

Document selector: It determines what pages to retrieve from the document database of the search engine .It retrieves as many potentially useful pages as possible, and as few useless pages as possible .
Result merger: It combines the results into a single ranked list .It ranks all returned pages in descending ord..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: Online Society Management System

Posted by: seminar topic helper
Created at: Thursday 14th of October 2010 10:03:16 AM
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Online Society Management System

Presented By

Shrikant Ravindra Kamble

MCA 3rd year

Introduction :

Introduction :

This website provide the information about the society and provide one unique id to flat owners for security purpose and other members user id and password.
In this website admin facility provide, admin can edit or changes of user accounts.
Online invitations, online news

Purpose :

This system is reduces the paper work.
Relative Owner can easily get the address of flat owners.
This is online system so that ..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]


Posted by: latest topic founder
Created at: Friday 08th of October 2010 04:55:06 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Saturday 29th of September 2012 07:43:24 AM
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ocate cycle will repeat endlessly.
A memory allocator should solve, or at least address, the problem of fragmentation. This is the division of memory so as to leave small, unusable segments.
All memory managers represent a tradeoff among these four criteria. The Patternforth memory manager design weighted them as follows:
a) Efficiency of representation. We decided that each string would be stored in a contiguous block of memory. The machine-level string operations which are available (on the 8086) are much more suited to incrementing pointers than traversing linked lists.
b) Speed of al..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: Automatic Incorporation of Search engines into a Large-Scale Metasearch Engine

Posted by: seminar topics maker
Created at: Wednesday 21st of April 2010 06:59:09 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Wednesday 21st of April 2010 06:59:09 PM
Automatic Incorporation of Search engines into a Large Scale Metasearch Engine pdf , Automatic Incorporation of Search engines into a Large Scale Metasearch Engine ppt, Automatic Incorporation of Search engines into a Large Scale Metasearch Engine , Engine, Metasearch , Large Scale, into , engines, Search , Incorporation, Automatic ,
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rresponding changes are made in the metasearch engine. Manual maintenance therefore is hardly practical. We believe that the entire process of search engine incorporation should be automated, to enable construction and maintenance of very large-scale metasearch engines.

The three major components that are essential to achieve automation are:

1. Automatic search engine discovery.
Discover (identify) search engines from millions of websites on the Web.

2. Automatic search engine connection.
Automatically connect to each discovered search engine so that user queries submitted to the me..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: internet searching full report

Posted by: seminar topics maker
Created at: Friday 09th of April 2010 10:30:38 AM
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sterisk is the wild card and documents which contained words that started with smok would be returned.
The boolean operator and is the most common way to narrow a search to a manageable number of hits. For example, with heart and disease as the search term, an engine will provide links to sites which have both of these words present in a document. It will ignore documents which have just the word heart in it (e.g., heart transplant) and it will ignore documents which have just the word disease in it (e.g., lung disease, disease prevention). It will only make a l..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]


Posted by: seminar topics expert
Created at: Monday 15th of March 2010 03:10:42 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 28th of August 2012 05:14:09 AM
CHROMOSOME IMAGE ENHANCEMENT AND IDENTIFICATION pdf, CHROMOSOME IMAGE ENHANCEMENT AND IDENTIFICATION ppt , CHROMOSOME IMAGE ENHANCEMENT AND IDENTIFICATION, report , full, IDENTIFICATION , ENHANCEMENT, IMAGE , CHROMOSOME, singlevalue composition , ppt automated karyotyping system, image enhancement techniques seminar report , image enhancement seminar report, how to represent chromosome for cbir , chromosome project report, index chromosome size , full seminar report on image identification techniques, matlab source code on chromosome pairing for karyotyping purposes using mutual information , seminar topics on chromosomes, topics related to image enhancement in images , image enhancement and identification, automatic chromosome classification , seminar topic chromosomes, profile density of chromosomes matlab , chromosome profile density matlab, matlab karyotype , mamatha nema imege,
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include: centromeric index, chromosome size and banding pattern features including total number of bands. A method that is discussed is enhance the image by applying filtering technique and finds the future of centromere detection. This paper is covered the procedure of enhancement and detection of centromere and presented some of results. The results are obtained by different algorithms using MATLAB.
1. Introduction:-
In the past few years, immense improvement was obtained in the field of content based image retrieval (CBIR); nevertheless, existing systems still fail when applied to medica..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: NEMS

Posted by: FAREEDA
Created at: Wednesday 03rd of March 2010 02:34:11 PM
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sir please provide me information about NEMS as im having seminars sir plz send me d full report..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

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