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Page Name: kenya police payslip download

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Created at: Sunday 02nd of December 2012 06:40:46 PM
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kindly i need to download and print current payslip for one number 60333/1989139860 constable james leakono..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: www ghris kenya police payslips for july 2012

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Created at: Wednesday 21st of November 2012 07:38:20 PM
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am a Kenyan police and i want to know my November pay slip i don't know how to download my payslip..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: sms based electronic notice board

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Created at: Monday 10th of January 2011 12:35:53 PM
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plz send me circuit diagram of sms based electronic notice board..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: Traffic signal controller

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Created at: Saturday 18th of December 2010 11:16:33 AM
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abstract for traffic light controller, introduction of traffic light controller , which language are used for traffic light controller project, trafficlight contriler program using xilinx 9 1 , traffic signal management, xilinx procedure traffic light controller , how to download free seminar report and ppt for dynamic traffic light sequence control, abstract on traffic light controller , traffic light controller important topic for project writing, abstact for traffic light control , pelican crossing traffic lights project using 8085 microprocessor, abstract of a project traffic light implementation , traffic signal controller using vhdl projects reports,
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lity, visibility, and efficiency of traffic flow.

The most common colors used in traffic lights are red, amber (yellow), and green. Red typically means stop or high level of danger; amber typically means caution; and green typically means proceed with care.
Usually, the red light contains some orange in its hue, and the green light contains some blue, to provide some support for people with red-green color blindness. Some traffic lights typically have a white reflective border which enables color blind users, during the hours of darkness, to distinguish the lights from other ..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: Can anybody tell me how can i download any project from this site

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Can anybody tell me how can i download any projects from this site...

Thanks in advance..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: online national polling mini project

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Created at: Wednesday 16th of June 2010 02:12:02 PM
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i want to know d details about software reqwirements of online national polling..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: rd ram full report

Posted by: new technology thinker
Created at: Thursday 21st of January 2010 06:23:02 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 24th of August 2010 04:07:28 PM
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unication path for high speed chip-to-chip interface.
The Direct RAC typically resides in a portion of the ASICâ„¢s I/O pad ring and converts the high-speed Rambus Signal Level (RSL) on the Rambus Channel into lower-speed CMOS-level signals usable by the ASIC designer. The Direct RAC functions as a high performance parallel-to-serial and serial-to-parallel converter performing the packing and unpacking functions of high frequency data packets into wider and synchronous 144-bit (Direct Rambus) data words. Use of the Rambus Signaling Level (RSL) technology over the Channel permits 600MHz ..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: Psycho Physiological Credibility Assessment Download Seminar Report

Posted by: Computer Science Professor
Created at: Thursday 30th of July 2009 11:49:32 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 03rd of March 2011 07:32:00 PM
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Lies are part of human life! People often tell lies to deceive others. many of us have heard about lie detector ,some where seen in movies or read it in fiction stories. Does anything of this sort really exist? If yes, does it really detect lies? Yes it does. The first thing that comes to our mind is how an instrument with some electronic components can read out our mind. Though science and technology are growing at the speed of light, has it reached a stage where it can read mind? Not exactly! But it can approach to that stage by monitoring the physiological reaction by plotting graphs.

ht..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

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