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Page Name: Advanced Four-Wheel-Drive Systems

Posted by: project source code cheker
Created at: Thursday 09th of August 2012 06:59:32 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 09th of August 2012 06:59:32 AM
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All-Wheel-Drive System Features

These systems always drive all wheels
Most AWD systems are based on a FWD system with an added transfer case or center differential
Some systems are computer-controlled
Some are on-demand systems

Center Differentials

Are used to prevent drive line windup
Some systems use a viscous clutch to transfer power to the other axle
Some systems allow the driver to control the amount of torque going to each wheel
Some systems are computer-controlled

Viscous Clutches or Couplings

Are self-contained and not serviceable
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Page Name: four wheel steering system full report

Posted by: best project report maker
Created at: Sunday 14th of February 2010 06:22:28 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Sunday 04th of April 2010 09:59:45 AM
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up trucks, QUADRASTEER by Delphi reduces the minimum turning circle diameter by an average of 19 percent. In fact, one full-size pickup's turning radius was reduced from 46.2 feet to 37.4 feet, making it comparable to a Nissan Ultima at 37.4 feet and a Saturn Coupe at 37.1 feet.

QUADRASTEERTM by Delphi combines conventional front-wheel steering with an electrically powered rear-wheel steering system. The system has four main components - a front-wheel position sensor, steerable solid hypoid rear axle, electric motor-driven actuator, and control unit. Hand wheel position and vehicle speed ..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: embedded projects list for students

Posted by: seminar topics maker
Created at: Friday 07th of January 2011 11:23:22 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Friday 03rd of August 2012 05:04:10 AM
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57. Cell Phone Controlled Video Analyzing Robot
59. Automatic Lubrication System
60. Automatic double axis Pneumatic JCB
61. Automatic jack
63. Smart Multi Functional Power Meter With LCD Display

Page Name: Automatic jack and wheel change system

Posted by: electronics seminar guru
Created at: Saturday 12th of December 2009 12:59:45 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Monday 09th of July 2012 05:16:18 AM
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An automatic jack and wheel change system having at least one inverted jack driven by an electric motor permanently attached to the vehicle. The system may employ a jack disposed between the front and rear wheel on each side of the vehicle, or it may be equipped with a jack at each of the four wheels. The system also features a novel wheel and hub-axle assembly featuring a split axle whose length may be adjusted by operation of an electric motor. The hub has a plurality of arms extending from the hub in a star-shape, each arm having a finger at its free end. The wheel has a pluralit..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: Mechanical Engineering Project Ideas List

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Wednesday 09th of September 2009 06:33:23 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 03rd of March 2015 05:41:18 AM
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142. Fabrication of Automatic Reverse Braking System for Automobile
143. D & F of Hydraulic Scissor Lifter
144. D & F of Pneumatic reciprocating Hack saw Machine
145. Fabrication of Automatic Electro hydraulic Jack

1. SMS controlled solar vehicle for industrial Application
2. Fabrication of Solar powered thermo-electric refrigerator
3. Solar Water Purification by using thermal method
4. Solar powered tea leaf cutting machine
5. Automatic wind blade pitch controlling system
6. Solar Powered Unaided Guided Vehic..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: Four-wheel steering drive

Posted by: circuit expert
Created at: Tuesday 18th of August 2009 07:58:42 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 28th of February 2012 06:57:02 AM
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effort on the part of automotive design engineers to provide near-neutral steering.

The front wheels do most of the steering. Rear wheel turning is generally limited to 50-60 during an opposite direction turn. During a same direction turn, rear wheel steering is limited to about 10-1.50.

When both the front and rear wheels steer toward the same direction, they are said to be in-phase and this produces a kind of sideways movement of the car at low speeds. When the front and rear wheels are steered in opposite direction, this is called anti-phase..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: Trajectory Planning for a Four-Wheel-Steering Vehicle

Posted by: super
Created at: Thursday 16th of July 2009 06:30:10 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 16th of July 2009 06:30:10 AM
Vehicle , Four Wheel Steering, robot trajectory planning ppt , robot trajectory planning obstacles, trajectory planning of robotic , trajectory planning manipulator, what is trajectory planning in robotics , trajectory planning in robotics, trajectory planning definition , on trajectory planning for flexible robots, trajectory planning for autonomous airship , trajectory planning code, trajectory planning for automatic machines and robots , trajectory planning and polynomial trajectories, trajectory planning algorithm , Trajectory Planning, Planning , Trajectory, seminar on fourwheeler steering , mechanical four wheel steering, four wheel steerig , trajectory of four wheel steering, four wheel stearing system for vehical pdf ,
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This paper develops a trajectory planning algorithm for a
four-wheel-steering (4WS) vehicle based on vehicle
kinematics. The flexibility offered by the steering is
utilized fully in the trajectory planning. A two-part
trajectory planning algorithm consists of the steering
planning and velocity planning. The limits of vehicle
mechanism and drive torque are taken into account.
Simulation results are presented to illustrate the
application of the proposed algorithm.
Research works on Autonomous Guided Vehicles
(AGV) have been extensively carried out in ..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]


Posted by: seminar projects expert
Created at: Saturday 31st of January 2009 06:07:18 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Monday 26th of March 2012 06:11:13 AM
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The front wheel steering system of conventional vehicle fails to keep the vehicle stable at high speeds and prove futile for heavy vehicles like tracks and trailers, especially in tight space. But if the rear wheels too could be steered, manoeuvrability of the vehicle will be enhanced. This results in the evolution Four-wheel steering (4WS). In 4WS, rear wheel are also steered in combination with the front wheels. This system helps in achieving superior cornering stability, improved steering responsiveness and precision, high -speed straight-line stability and a smaller turning radius and tigh..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

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