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1. When we speak or write we use words. We generally use these words in groups; as,
Little Jack Homer sat in a corner.
A group of words like this, which makes complete sense, is called
a Sentence.
Kinds of Sentences
2. Sentences are of four kinds:
(1) Those which make statements or assertions; as, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
(2) Those which ask questions; as Where do you live?
(3) Those which express commands, requests, or entreaties; as,
Be quiet.
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7 QC Tools

Sumitted by:- Atul Markanday
Mechanical Engg.

Cause and Effect Diagram

Cause and Effect Diagram Defined:-

The cause and effect diagram is also called the Ishikawa diagram or the fishbone diagram.

It is a tool for discovering all the possible causes for a particular effect.

The major purpose of this diagram is to act as a first step in problem solving by creating a list of possible causes.
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