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a short speech on unity in diversity

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Page Name: unity in diversity

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Created at: Monday 10th of December 2012 01:15:30 PM
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unity in diversity, unity , diversity, ppt on unity in diversity of india ,
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y put to.
India is a land of diverse physical features. There are snow capped mountains, hilly terrains, plains, plateaus, and coastal areas. There are deserts and places with extreme and scanty rainfall. There are regions with extreme and moderate climate.
People of India follow different religions and castes. They follow different customs, traditions and speak different languages. They also differ in dress and food.inspite of so many differences; people have a feeling of oneness .they are bound by common cultural heritage and they share basic human values. When Indians go abroad, they call..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: speech project ideas

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ideas , project, speech , speech project ideas, cool speech project idea , speech, speech for a project electric electronics , electronics speech topics, speech recognition using the hmm , frequency transformation based secured speech transmission system, speech projects ideas , idea of the project to linear predictive coding, speech recognition project suggestions , speech on unity in diversity, project ideas for speech , ideas for speech project, project report on secured speech transmission system , mini project of implementation of fft ifft for speech signal, electronics projects with speech , mini project in speed control through speech using hmm, project on device control using speech ,
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1. Speech recognition using LMS algorithm
2. Speech compression and decompression using Linear Predictive Coding
3. Secured speech Frequency Transformation system
4. Speech compression using DWT
5. Speech based switching control using MFCC
6. Speed control through Speech using HMM
7. Speech compression using ADPCM
8. Voice activated device control system using LMS
9. Speech recognition using HMM
10. Robotic control through Speech using LPC..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

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