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Page Name: TCS Placement Paper Technical-C Test Maths C test

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Created at: Tuesday 27th of March 2012 01:14:35 AM
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TCS Placement Paper (Technical-C Test & Maths)
C test

1. if(fp == fopen(\dfas\,\r\) = = NULL), what is the value of fp
b. 0
c. 1
d. 0 or 1
2. #define sqr(x) x*x, what is value of j if j == 2 * sqr(3 + 4)
3. #define FILENAME(extension) test_##extension, how will it print FILENAME(back)
a. test_back
b. test_#back
c. test_##back
d. none of these
4. char *p == \hello world\
p == \'H\', what will be printf(\%s\, p);
a. Hello world
b. hello world
c. H
d. compile error
5. int fun(), how do u define pointer to this function ??
6. what is ment by int..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: TCS Placement Paper Technical HR Interview Question

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Created at: Tuesday 27th of March 2012 01:13:44 AM
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erview was over. I was little surprised when my name was also listed among the 7 selected out of 15.
Next day though they told that it is some Validation Interview, Technical questions and HR questions were asked. The interview board consisted of Vice President Mr.Narayanan, Mr.Kesavaswamy and Mr.Thomas. The questions asked are as follows

1. What are the electives that you have taken?

2. What is the difference between IT management and Project management?

3. Why software is called a product? (ref Pressman 1st Chapter)

4. How pricing is being done on a software product? What are t..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: TCS Placement Paper Aptitude Section Aptitude

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Created at: Tuesday 27th of March 2012 01:12:42 AM
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is the lowest possible number of students who speak both the languages?
(a) 5 (b) 20 (c) 15 (d) 10 (e) 30

11. The most economical prices among the following prices is:
(a) 10 kilo for Rs.160 (b) 2 kilo for Rs.30 (c) 4 kilo for Rs.70 (d) 20 kilo for Rs.340 (e) 8 kilo for Rs.130

12. A truck contains 150 small packages, some weighing 1 kg each and some weighing 2 kg each. how many packages weighing 2 kg each are in the truck if the total weight of all the packages is 264 kg?
(a) 36 (b) 52 (c) 88 (d) 124 (e) 114

13. A man was arrested for exceeding the speed limit by 10 miles an hour...................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]


Posted by: fine project uploader
Created at: Tuesday 27th of March 2012 01:10:32 AM
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TCS PLACEMENT PAPER JAVA QUESTIONS JAVA QUESTIONS , PLACEMENT, PAPER , JAVA, QUESTIONS , java questions for placement paper download, java placement paper , java objective questions placement papers, java questions 1 , tcs java question papers with solutions download, seminar tcs on java ,
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y java is considered as platform independent?
75.What are the advantages of java over C++?
76.How java can be connected to a database?
77.What is thread?
78.What is difference between Process and Thread?
79.Does java support multiple inheritance? if not, what is the solution?
80.What are abstract classes?
81.What is an interface?
82.What is the difference abstract class and interface?
83.What are adapter classes?
84.what is meant wrapper classes?
85.What are JVM.JRE, J2EE, JNI?
86.What are swing components?
87.What do you mean by light weight and heavy weight components?
88.What ..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]


Posted by: fine project uploader
Created at: Tuesday 27th of March 2012 01:09:01 AM
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TCS PLACEMENT PAPER MICROPROCESSOR MICROPROCESSOR QUESTIONS, PLACEMENT , PAPER, MICROPROCESSOR , QUESTIONS, microprocessor question paper , microprocessors palcement question papers, topics for seminar on microprocessor , tcs written test papers for embedded, question of microprocessor , question paper microprocessor, microprocessor assignment questions , 8085 microprocessor question papers, tcs placement paper 2012 , microprocessor question search, microprocessor questions paper , does tcs ask microprocessor questions, off campus in sri vidyaniketan engineering college chittoor 2012 , micro processors plcement papers, bits of microprocessor asked in placement papers , microprocessor paper, tcs embedded question papers , frequently ask question in tcs in microprocessor,
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1.Which type of architecture 8085 has?
2.How many memory locations can be addressed by a microprocessor with 14 address lines?
3.8085 is how many bit microprocessor?
4.Why is data bus bi-directional?
5.What is the function of accumulator?
6.What is flag, bus?
7.What are tri-state devices and why they are essential in a bus oriented system?
8.Why are program counter and stack pointer 16-bit registers?
9.What does it mean by embedded system?
10.What are the different addressing modes in 8085?
11.What is the..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: TCS Placement Papers

Posted by: project expert
Created at: Friday 10th of February 2012 12:00:34 AM
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market-oriented changes as reform is a 7. The development strategy 8 under Structural Adjustment and dictated by the World Bank, IMF and WTO is a strategy for the 9 development of capitalism under which the working people, who are the main productive force, are made 10, kept unemployed, thrown out of jobs, and so on. It has no social relevance. In the phase of globalization, no country can develop in 11 and entry of the foreign capital can not be12 altogether. Integration with world economy has to ensure the free and speedy 13 of the national economy. Foreign capital has to be allowed in the ..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: epaper seminar report

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please send me epaper seminars report..........................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

Page Name: wi fi technology

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Created at: Friday 15th of January 2010 09:36:18 PM
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I need papers for wi fi technology. Can u help please?..................==> [ Click Here to Read More ]

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